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Induction pots

  • Can induction pots can be washed in the dishwasher?

    Can the induction pans in the dishwasher can be washed or not? Let's find out together within this article.

    The dishwasher is a great comfort especially for large families who are usually use glass, crockery or other materials. Having it at home is a valid aid and allows us to save valuable time that we can devote to other activities instead of using dishes. But did you know that not all the products we have in the kitchen can be washed with the dishwasher? Here, it's just like that and if you're wondering if the induction pots are coming from those then you are nothing else to do that continue reading this article to find out.

  • Can induction pots can be used on the gas?

    The Induction pans Can they be used on gas stoves? Let's find out together within this article.

    Often those who choose to buy some Packs for induction hobs Asks if the same can also be used on the classic hob and then gases.

    On the other hand, the gas hob is certainly the most frequent within the houses even if the latter is very quickly replaced by the electric one and in many cases from induction plans that are the most modern on the market.

  • The best induction pans: what are and how to choose them

    How to choose the best induction pots?

    Which we find on the market?

    And how can we choose them right?

    Lagostina, Berndes, Alessi, Le Creuset they are just some of the brands
    Better to be entrusted, discover everything you need to know about induction pans.