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Can induction pots can be used on the gas?

The Induction pans Can they be used on gas stoves? Let's find out together within this article.

Often those who choose to buy some Packs for induction hobs Asks if the same can also be used on the classic gas plans.

On the other hand, the gas hob is certainly the most used within the houses, although in recent years those who restructure home, renews the kitchen area or simply looking for more performing cooking tools, chooses the new induction technology.

Technology advances quickly and those who restrain home today seeks modernity and comfort. And if the induction plan is the latest news in the world of cooking plans the pots market has had to adapt to this change.

More and more brands choose to make special pots. Greater request is equivalent to major products.

So it is very frequent to come across specific products of various price and varied quality. You have purchased induction pots, leaving you to advise you, now you want to know them better and understand them and defects. For example. A pot with a bottom suitable for induction planes can also be used on gas tops? Let's find out the answer in the next lines.

What are induction pots?

Induction pans are particular pots designed for cooking food on induction hobs, the latter as anticipated are the most modern currently on the market and allow food cooking through the formation of an electromagnetic field that turns into heat .

We can find these pots of all quality, from the highest to the lowest, there is a lot of choice on the market. If we want to exploit all the features of an induction plan it is good to always choose quality products.

Induction pots can be made in different materials: steel, non-stick aluminum, cast iron and copper. Exactly the same materials with which the pan is made suitable for cooking on gas, the difference lies in the bottom, which must be suitable for magnetic transfer.

The bottom of the induction pot is more structured and completely flat, it must perfectly adhere to the hob, it has a magnetic layer that allows the pot to perfectly adhere to the hob, thus creating an electromagnetic field that turns into heat and allows the cooking of the 'food.

How do we distinguish normal pots from induction?

It is usually reported on the packaging or packaging of the product, alternatively the pan can return the induction cooking symbol to the bottom (similar to a horizontal spring). In any case we could simply approach a magnet to our fund, if the magnet will become attacked we will understand that it will be a pot suitable for our plans.

I don't have an induction hob but I bought the pots what to do?

No need to worry, each pan with a suitable induction cooking bottom can also be used on gas plans. The manufacturer's brand is obliged to specify any permitted use of use on the product or packaging.

In fact, it is important to evaluate the product during the purchase, reading the guidelines of the manufacturer. You will tell us if you can also use them on gas plans.

How to choose the right pot?

The advice is to carefully evaluate the product you buy, if you want to benefit from all the benefits that you can get from an induction hob then opted for large brand brands.LagostinaAlessi, Berndes And Le Creuset They are among the best to choose from. Currently on the market it is possible to find lots of different products with costs of all kinds .. But not everyone is of good quality, run into poor material is not difficult.

Another advice is to evaluate the use you want to do if you have purchased an induction plan you will definitely return to buy a complete battery of all the pots that could serve you.

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