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The best induction pans: what are and how to choose them

How to choose the best induction pots?

Which we find on the market?

And how can we choose them right?

Lagostina, Berndes, Alessi, Le Creuset they are just some of the brands
Better to be entrusted, discover everything you need to know about induction pans.

In recent years the company has changed, it is much more attention to conduct a correct lifestyle and follow a correct and healthy nutrition. Beyond all the recipes, diets or foods that we can try, buy and realize, there is the actual need to give up adequate and excellent quality tools.

In parallel to this great change there was another, equally important, technology has in fact invaded our dwellings, allowing us to have highly technological tools that allow us to improve our daily life, and so many people have begun to integrate them In their decor in order to have a better life.

Among the many tools entered our homes, we find induction plans, a huge innovation in terms of safety, timing and cooking quality. This innovation has created in us the need to find the best pots for induction plans on the market. In this article we will find out what they are, how they work and how to choose the best.

We also identified the best brands for you to be entrusted.

What are induction plans?

Induction plans 

But first we make a small step back and try to understand what the induction plans are. This type of hob is the future and represents the realization of sustainable cuisine. With this type of hob we do not need gas to cook but exploit electromagnetic induction to warm up the pots and allow cooking of each type of dish.

The advantages in choosing this product are numerous, we see the main ones:

  • They are safer cooking methods, there are no flames or gas then lower risks to the environment but also for the person.
  • They heat up quickly and the power is adjustable with impeccable precision.
  • Cooking becomes uniform and homogeneous.
  • The hob does not heat up in the areas not prepared to the pots, therefore the burning risks are reduced but also the risks of combustion or carbonization of dishes or liquids that accidentally end up on the floor.
  • They are simple to clean.
  • The pots will stay on a flat surface and therefore will not be able to lose the balance.

Although there is currently an induction plan represents a medium-high expense is a solution that certainly leads many benefits to those who choose it, Benefits, however, that can be reduced or canceled if you choose the wrong pot.

Induction pans

Induction pans

Today any brand that operates in the sector, given the strong demand by the consumer, has begun to produce induction pots. This means that we find products of all kinds on the market and not always quality. The induction pot must have indispensable requirements linked to the bottom and to conducting heat from the plane to the food.

Not all the pots that work on induction plans "cook well on induction plans", there are highly qualified companies that invest every day in the research and production of high-performance pans on induction and others that adapt old productions (applying new funds to The previous ones) with poor results.

It is important to understand that a low-quality pot, made suitable for use on induction plans through economic expedients, will halve or even worse will almost completely cancel the advantages and performances of our plan. A pot instead of high quality will enhance the strengths and performances.

How to choose the induction pot?

When we find ourselves in front of the need to buy the pots for an induction hob, we can only buy only the products designed specifically, today the trade nor offers any quality.

So to avoid embathing in poor quality products it is good to observe some parameters:


  • It is very important that the pots you buy have certification, the company must report on each product compatibility with the induction system (it is not always reported on the bottom of the pot, can be specified on the product box or in a certificate in the box )
  • If it is a non-stick pot we always look for internal quality coatings, free of pfoa, toxic substance present in low quality coatings.
  • The bottom must always be in magnetic steel.

This a technical description of the product you will find on the Non-stick pots Berndes Vario Click Induction Plus:

Excellent cooking tool for all burners, ideal for induction cooking. Made in Germany.
High quality die-cast aluminum body and steel background with premium induction concentric circles.
Pot body worked in 6 mm. thickness, which guarantees the optimal heat distribution and perfect grip on induction level.
Radiance non-stick interior coating Bronze color that guarantees free-free cooking, contains in
Its three-layer structure steel particles that, magnetizing, favor the diffusion of heat in the induction plans use.
Removable long handles Save space for pans and bistors and handles in die-cast aluminum for cooking in tegami and casseroles
For all the burners, ideal for induction cooking. Made in Germany.
Guaranteed 8 years.

What are the best induction pans on the market?

We thought of indicating you, within this paragraph, the best brands that produce pots for induction hobs. All these companies are concerned about creating quality pots and with excellent materials to ensure that the pot is a top-of-range product and leads to real benefits during cooking and use. Here are the best brands you can rely on:


  • Berndes A German company that produces professional non-stick potlams, has made specific series for induction cooking. Some of the best series are Enduro and Vario Click Induction Plus. Go to the Bernndes selection
  • Le Creuset It is a French company that produces non-stick professional saucepan and glazed and vitrified cast iron pot, both usable on induction tops. Go to the Le Creuset selection
  • Alessi is an Italian company that produces professional steel pots suitable for use on induction plans; Go to the Alessi pots
  • Lagostina Another Italian company which is famous for its pressure cookers, produces professional steel pots with excellent induction funds. Go to Lagostina pressure cookers

If you are thinking of restructuring your home or even the kitchen we advise you to evaluate the purchase of an induction plan and to follow this article, to choose the right cooker for your induction hob.

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