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Coravin Three SL System for wines
Coravin Three SL System for wines
Coravin Three SL System for wines
Coravin Three SL System for wines

Coravin Three SL System for wines

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Coravin - Three SL

Coravin is an indispensable and fascinating tool for every lover of good wine.

Thanks to the Mescita Coravin system, you can drink a wine by the glass, at any time and in any quantity, without worrying about having to open and finish the bottle.

How many times have we happened to have a good bottle of wine and want to drink only one glass? Often and willingly we decide not to open it because the remaining of the non -drunk wine would lose quality. With Coravin this is possible.

Coravin Model Three SL is very simple to use, hook Coravin to the bottle, insert the needle into the cork cap, quickly press the trigger to press the bottle, release the trigger to pour into the glass.

The argon gas present in recharges will fill the empty space of the bottle through the needle, the cap will close naturally and will continue to protect your wine for weeks, months or even years.

Pour your favorite wines without ever removing the cap. The Coravin® Timeless Three SL is the perfect product to start your journey into the world of wine. Characterized by a structure modeled in a neutral color, the Three system is the ideal model to introduce itself into the Coravin world as it will allow you to keep wines stopped for weeks, months or even years.


Align the SmartClamps ™ on the neck of the bottle and with a fluid movement, push decisively on the handle.

Incline and pour

Take the bottle up until the spout is on the glass. Press and quickly release the lever to pay.

Life of the capsule

Each capsule will allow you to pour up to 15 glasses of five ounces (150 ml) of wine with timeless systems or 20 glasses of five ounces with pivot ™ systems.

Average payment rate

On average, a payment of 150 ml of wine with a standard Aug requires 25 to 29 seconds.

Decentralized needle

The needle in the Coravin system is intentionally decentralized, so the needle fits into the cork in a different point every time.
- The comfortable handle boasts a large socket area to pour the wine without effort.
- SmartClamps ™ allow you to simply insert the Coravin system with a quick and decided movement to be able to use it in total safety.
- 99.99% pure argon gas feeds the system and retains the wine.
Included in the package: Coravin Model Three SL - 1 ARGON CRAVIN capsule - Aug cleaning tool - Bottle cover

Dimensions and weight

  • Height
  • 8.46 in / 21.5 cm
  • Length
  • 1.99 in / 5.05 cm
  • Length
  • 3.93 in / 10 cm
  • Weight
  • 0.59 LBS / 270g


  • The timeless system of conservation of the Three SL wine in gray
  • Plastic printed in injection, stainless steel, elastomers
  • Capsules of Argon Coravin Pure ™
  • Recycular steel, 100%pure argon gas, synthetic rubber, nylon reinforced with glass fiber
  • Ego cleaning tool
  • Polypropylene
  • Coverboat
  • Polyester