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Berkel Home Line 250 Plus electric slicer red
Berkel Home Line 250 Plus electric slicer red
Berkel Home Line 250 Plus electric slicer red
Berkel Home Line 250 Plus electric slicer red

Berkel Home Line 250 Plus electric slicer red

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Casabella Milan - Official Berkel Italia dealer

This line of domestic slicers is the synthesis of the know-how of the Berkel technical team, the needs for functionality and the high standards of safety and cleanliness.

Home Line Plus is the evolution of the technology of Berkel professional slicers for a unique experience in the kitchen capable of guaranteeing high cutting performance for every type of food: cured meats, fish, cheese, fruit, vegetables and bread. Essential and rounded lines designed to amaze and fascinate but above all to be exhibited, in its extraordinarily compact dimensions.

In addition to a one-of-a-kind design, Home Line Plus stands out for its technical and functional characteristics to improve the consumer experience; the chromed steel blade with professional profile gives a perfect cut, reducing waste and ensuring uniform slices. The continuous profile blade guard improves the smoothness of the product to be cut and the blade with diagonal opening facilitates the exit of the slice for optimal performance. The motor block guarantees better performance even when cutting harder products.

Furthermore, the integration of the CE certified safety lock protects and ensures quick and easy cleaning. Digital innovation thanks to the NFC tag, incorporated into the slicer, which with a simple smartphone allows the consumer to have an exclusive pre- and post-purchase experience signed by Berkel.

Blade extractor included, essential for removing and cleaning the blade thoroughly.


  • Minimum last slice thickness to minimize waste product
  • Blade opening lever with 18 positions for millimetric slice adjustment
  • Inclined plane that uses gravity for a more precise and effortless cut
  • Chromed steel blade with professional profile: reduces waste and ensures uniform slices
  • Continuous profile blade guard for stability and better smoothness of the product to be cut
  • Professional 0.25 HP / 0.19kw motor for excellent cutting performance even on the hardest products
  • Built-in slice deflector to help detach the slice
  • The product support block reduces the space between the trolley and the sail and allows complete support of the slice to be cut to minimize waste
  • Structure of the case and base in special aluminum alloy and rubberized feet for maximum stability during use
  • Completely sealed IP65 control panel
  • Oblique opening system to facilitate product exit during cutting
  • Sharpener available for purchase as an option
  • NFC tag: look for the yellow dot to live the Berkel experience with exclusive content


  • Case with blade protection: a shell placed in the back of the blade limits the gaps to prevent the accumulation of waste
  • Continuous profile blade guard in food-grade aluminium, quick to remove for easy cleaning
  • Tilting plate for quick cleaning of the machine body
  • Product holder easily removable and dishwasher safe
  • Blade extractor included
  • Base with aluminum plate resulting in no spaces between machine and bench
  • CE safety lock: in the folded flat position, the sail remains closed to prevent the risk of cuts during cleaning operations
  • Professional control panel with high visibility bright LED ON/OFF switches
  • Blade protection ring in food-grade aluminum for greater safety
  • Ergonomic controls in an easy position to minimize operator effort
  • Automatic shutdown of the machine in the event of a power failure
  • Weight: 14.5kg
  • Blade diameter: 250 mm
  • Plug: Cable supplied with EU and CH plug
  • Electrical specifications: 230V 50Hz
  • Motor power: 0.19 kW
  • Cutting thickness: 0 - 18 mm
  • Cutting capacity (circular): 183 mm
  • Cutting capacity (rectangular): 200x183 mm
  • Details: Oblique wing opening for better slice exit, continuous profile blade guard for better smoothness, rear blade shell to reduce the accumulation of residues, product support block for complete support of the slice and to minimize waste
  • Removable parts: Blade guard, food holder, folding but not removable food tray
  • Sharpener: not included, optional on sale
  • Blade extractor: included for deep cleaning