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Sambonet Hannah The cutlery collection that represents the perfect combination of classic and functional

The Sambonet Hannah cancellation collection was designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri, a famous Italian designer. With this collection, Sambonet received the prestigious golden compass.

The cutlery of the Hannah collection have a classic style, with a particular attention to the functionality of the product and the formal care of each element, without leaving out the balance of together to create an elegant, functional and at the same time original.

This collection is a great classic ready to stay over time and that it will continue to be re-proposed year after year, although it has been realized several years ago it does not lose its charm and still enchants hundreds of customers around the world.

It is a top-range service made of 18/10 steel and available in the versions24 piecesAnd36 pieces.

Table service 24 pieces: 6 table knives, 6 table forks, 6 tablespoons Table, 6 teaspoons tea.

Table service 36 pieces: 6 table knives, 6 table forks, 6 tablespoons Table, 6 teaspoons tea, 6 fruit knives (from appetizer) and 6 fruit forks (from antispasto).

The design of the posed is free, elegant, simple and clean and this makes it perfect for every type of flat service.

With this service you are never wrong and the table will always have that more prestigious touch. The weight of the postate is well balanced despite being full-bodied, so they are defined indestructible.

By purchasing the service you can add additional items, as for all Sambonet services.

Casabella Milano is the official dealer of the brand on the Italian territory so each service purchased will be delivered in a screen-printed original packaging.

Sambonet is an Italian brand of cutlery and tableware considered among the best around the world. It was founded in Vercelli in the middle of the nineteenth century and to date he realized several cutlery collections that are ready to move to history. This brand is the perfect combination of quality, functionality and originality of the product.

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