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Sambonet Cutting Services: The Rock Line

Sambonet presents the Rock line, for those who are looking for the style of the aesthetics.

If you are looking for a cutlery line that in addition to their use are something more, you have to rely on the brand Sambonet And to the new Rock line representing style and originality at the table.

Who is Sambonet?

Sambonet is an Italian cutlery brand and tableware, today among the most important in its sector. The company is present on the market for many years, everything started in Vercelli in 1856 and since 1997 it has become part of the Sambonet Paderno Industrie group.

Over the years this brand has collaborated in the production of its cutlery with lots of designers, its fame must not only the originality of its products that are always new and made with a unique style but also at the very high realization quality and materials.

The Rock line is a special cutlery line, it is a product that goes beyond aesthetics is therefore suitable for those looking for something different and more strong.

Just like the name of this line the cutlery are made with a Strong style, sophisticated and determined. A linear and square silhouette, strongly inspired by the Q Line Sambonet series, masterpiece of the designer Giò Ponti. They are flexible cutlery that we can use on different occasions, full of grit and character.

The Rock line is proposed in the classic stainless steel version, with which we will never be wrong, or in Brand new PVD finishes in gold, copper, rifle cane and champagne.

Rock line services are available in packages from24 pieces or 36 pieces, all functional and contemporary. The service can be expanded with additional additional parts such as cake forks And Moka teaspoons.

Casabella Milano has long been the official Sambonet retailer in Italy, each product is packaged in a screen-printed original packaging.

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