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Royal Copenhagen

  • Royal Copenhagen dishes 2021

    Also this year the Royal Copenhagen presents us his collection of plates 2021, Iconistic and beautiful as you never have to buy them!

    The Royal Copenhagen is a company with ancient roots, it was born back to 1775 in Copenhagen. It is a porcelain manufacture company that has been distinguished over the years, it was the first ever to bring the direct realization of porcelain dishes into its nation, in fact the dishes were already ready and from foreign companies before you . 

  • Royal Copenhagen Christmas dishes

    The Christmas dishes of the annual Royal Copenhagen collection reconfirms, like every year, unique pieces to buy.

    Casabella Milano is official retailer of the trademark of Porcellane Royal Copenhagen present on the Italian territory. This brand that has ancient roots, was born in 1775, has been launching annual Christmas plates of Christmas dishes that fascinate hundreds of people around the world.