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What model of Berkel slicer choose?


If you are reading this article it is because you are considering buying a Berkel online slicer, and you're probably looking for information to choose which model is the best for your needs.


What model of Berkel slicer choose?


The first choice to be performed approaching the world of Berkel slicers is on the space we will have available:

We will have the world of Aflywheel, objects with vintage flavor, masterpieces of mechanics, ideal for those looking for a higher quality slicer, able to furnish a kitchen or living room, or that ofaElectric fefleters, ideal for those with space problems and seeks a compact solution, without giving up the quality of materials and the invoice, as well as accuracy in the cut.

Berkel slicers - difference between flywheel or electric slicers.

Electric slicers:

They are characterized by compactness and practicality, a functional solution that does not preclude perfection in the cutting phase. They are practical and very manageable machines suitable for cutting any kind of sauces, dry and semi-frozen meats.

Example of compact are theRed Line 250,thereHome Line 250with less bulk, and the Home Line 200 (The smaller electricity of the Berkel family).
The models are distinguished by blade size, we go from 200 mm to 300 mm in diameter.

Obviously it will be able to understand usIf we need a larger blade, suitable for professional or smaller use, suitable for domestic and home use.

Each Berkel electric slicer is carried out with technologies and materials of excellence, and for this reason the reference product in the sector are considered. Each body is created in anodized aluminum with bright paints and finishes, similar to those of the car bodies, the blade is always made of tempered steel, for unprecedented cutting precision and an exceptional longevity.

Last thing, but fundamental for those who choose this type of product, they are extremely easy to use and clean.


Flywood slicers: 

Masterpieces of mechanics and design, suitable for real connoisseurs. The flywheels, for example the Tribute (perhaps the best choice at the moment) and the B3They are characterized by a convex blade that guarantees a precise cut even at a low number of laps, which they also allow it to not overheat the food leaving it unchanged in the flavor.

Their great success is also given by the design that leaves without words, an object to be placed in beautiful kitchens or open space and loft in the living area.Casabella Milano offers flywheel slicers (in tribute and b3 models) complete with their pedestal, indispensable for enhancing its structure in space.

The flywheels have a cutting thickness adjustment system with decimal advancement, always protected blade in the cleaning phase (very important) and each part in contact with easily removable and simple food to clean.

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Berkel - History of the Company

The very famous company of professional slicers is born from Van Berkel, a passionate butcher of mechanics. Van Berkel decided to try a car that allowed him to cut the slices of meat without resorting to the classic cut "by hand" with the knife.

He managed to patent a concave blade that roted perpendicularly against a mobile plate that flowed back and forth and on which the piece of meat or salami to be cut was placed. So it was that he invented Berkel slicersMechanical.

In 1898, Van Berkel founded the first factory in Rotterdam, and already in the early years, the production of his machines increases quickly, his slicers soon become a very rich object worldwide.

After his death, in 1952, the company founded by him continues his activity and growth, becoming a reference mark in the sector.
In 1993 the Berkel is acquired by the English multinational GEC and in 2004 he passed to a group of Italian entrepreneurs, the objects of the company become with the passing of the real years of worship items for fans of cutting and the kitchen world.

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