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Sambonet Official Retailer Italy - Time Promotions

Casabella Milano is official Sambonet dealer for over 45 years.

Our store in Milan treats all the Sambonet cutlery services, with the most modern lines and design to the great classics.

We cyclically propose the best Sambonet promotions on 24 piece services, 36 pieces and completions services. Every one of our promotion is time or exhaustion of pieces.

Choosing a cutlery service that has personality, quality and beauty is not easy, if you want a combination board, a personalized quote or simply some information, Contact us by phone or write to us through whatsapp at 347 2359518.

From Casabella Milano you can also complete your Sambonet service with any type of accessory: service cutlery, cake set, cutlery from fish and desserts, knives from pie or steak and much more.


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Do you know the Sambonet quality?

Sambonet cutlery services

Sambonet is an Italian cutter brand and tableware, considered to date the top in the sector.

The company, founded in 1856 in Vercelli, since 1997 is part of the Sambonet Paderno Industrie Group

In the late 1700 the Nobiluomo di Vercelli Giuseppe Sambonet begins the activity of goldsmith and silvership and later is in charge of the restoration of precious objects of the "Treasure of the Cathedral" citizen. The Son Giuseppe graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts obtaining the diploma of Master Orefice, and On 15 May 1856 he founded the company Giuseppe Sambonet, depositing the "GS" brand from the 1900 Sambonet with the mint becomes official supplier of the royal family and other noble families.

In the thirties Sambonet emerges in the production market in stainless steel and It is the first in Europe to develop a system for steel silver.

In 1956 Sambonet wins the saleswoman at the Hilton Hotel in Cairo, and since then its tradition of hotel supplies begins.

In 1988 the company expands to the United States, with the New Jersey Foundation of Sambonet USA Inc.

In 1997 Sambonet S.P.a. It is acquired by the Paderno group; Following the merger of October 2004, the Sambonet Paderno Industrie company is founded S.P.A.

Numerous designers have collaborated with Sambonet, including Roberto Sambonet for the Iscape, Center Line and the Elite Trays of Line 50, today on display at New York's Moma.

Since 1932 the cutlery made by Gio Ponti has been in production, in 1994 Anna Castelli Ferrieri realizes the Hannah posted, awarded with the golden compass while in 2004 Rodolfo Dordoni realizes for Sambonet the S-Pot pot.

The most famous Sambonet services

Hannah - designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri, Hannah and the revisitation of a classic type where the functional attention and the formal care of each element blends harmoniously in the balance of the whole, in 1994 the Sambonet collection was awarded the prestigious compasso d ' Gold ADI.

Line Q - A refined and innovative design by Giò Ponti that has collected international awards and recognition. Q line is distinguished by the particular square section which, while maintaining a perfect ergonomics, gives an essential modernity for the entire collection.

Contour - English style, they are the details that make the difference on the table. Style and refinement in a timeless modern. A simple but fluid form, for a mantled classy laid.

Bamboo - Designed by the Sambonet style center, the Bamboo posed is characterized by the oval section which, in a modern and contemporary key, proposes the typical organic design of the 1940s. Bamboo brings style and functionality.

baguette - The baguette collection of Sambonet has traveled for a century on board the legendary trains of the Wagon Lits as the only official model. An exclusive and timeless cutlery service. With its simple refinement, still today, it brings the elegance of the typical starting 900 cutlery to the table.

The services of the moment, modern and clean

Linear - A high-level collection, which makes the table valuable. Linear combines design, functionality and quality of materials: the cutlery are thick 5 mm, in solid 18/10 stainless steel. To touch with your hand to savor your experience!

Rock - For Sambonet Being Rock goes a lot about the aesthetics. Strong of an innovative DNA, determined in design and sought in style, the new rock cutlery are extremely flexible but at the same time they add character and grit at the table. The square lines and the high thickness of stainless steel make it a functional and contemporary collection

Dream - Characterized by an original and harmonious drop shape, halfway between modern and design, the collection is a must at Casa Sambonet. These cutlery embellish the table, both in newspaper and for special occasions.

Flat - The Flat collection expresses the perfect meeting between great personality and minimal style. The large and bright surfaces of the handles donate importance to each equipment. A timeless laid, guaranteed by the quality and tradition of Sambonet.

The new PVD finishes - gold, copper and black

The brand new PVD finishes signed Sambonet are the result of the continuous search of the company in the world of design and special finishes. The PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) finish on 18/10 stainless steel items is a particular surface treatment (thickness up to 2 microns) which gives unique colors and original shine, as well as very high physical and mechanical characteristics such as:

- increase in surface hardness, therefore greater resistance to abrasion.

- High resistance to high temperatures.

- Effective barrier effect for nickel, manganese and chrome.

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