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Hurom live juice extractors are considered by all the best in the world.

Casabella Milano is the official certified Hurom Point for Italy, we are retailers for Italy of the latest generations of Hurom juice extractors, and original spare parts.

Each Hurom extractor purchased on CasaBellamilano.it is boxed in original packaging, equipped with official Hurom Italia warranty, a 10-year 10-year service on the engine and 2 on the components, it will be enough to keep the order confirmation received from our store at the time of purchase.

Our after-sales service will follow you and will advise you even after purchase, you can contact us at any time to have any kind of information via email: info@casabellamilano.it, via phone or whatsapp at 347 235 9518.


Why choose Hurom?

The Korean company Hurom is considered the number one worldwide, their technological research and consequently their extractors are equipped with unique innovations in the field of cold extraction.
Each hurom live juice extractor is carried out with care and research of materials, all without bisphenol BPA. The synthetic parts are produced in Ultem and non-deformable Tritan.

Choosing a Hurom extractor is to always change your own food style and therefore health. This type of product is born for medical use, in the oncology sector as exceptional adjuvant in medical therapies.
Thanks to a extractor of this level it is possible to take a large quantity of fruit and vegetables every day through tasty juices without having problems with intestinal blocks due to excessive consumption of fibers.


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Hurom H 200 extractor

Hurom H-200

The last extractor of live juices born in the Hurom house, the top company in the world in the production of juice extractors. Thanks to its innovative technology, the H-200 extractor allows you to get an excellent extract in a few minutes and without getting dirty.

You can in fact insert large quantities and size of fruit and vegetables without cutting them into small pieces thanks to the new larger and deeper container. Hurom's H-200 extractor is a completely new experience that makes life healthier and easier than ever.

Healthy, efficient and easy to clean

The H-200 innovative extraction system provides the highest benefits in terms of efficiency and health without altering the taste, colors and nutrients of the ingredients. The special helical screw and the double filter system, in fact, compresses and completely extract the nutrients by minimizing the area in contact with the ingredients and generating a minimum amount of heat so as not to alter the properties of fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, the filters are specially designed to minimize the accumulation of pulp between spaces so as to guarantee a quick, easy and complete washing.

The unique design

The simplified design translates into greater efficiency: the tank integrated to the body of the machine allows you to take care of less space in the kitchen. Its inclined fund assures you to get all the extract without waste: 7 degrees of inclination allow to collect up to the last drop. Furthermore, thanks to the self-locking safety sensor, the H-200 extractor automatically stops if the cover is opened during use. You can easily move your H-200 extractor thanks to the robust handle attached to the container.

Technical specifications:

Capacity Jug 400 ml

Voltage 220V - 240V

Frequency 50/60 Hz

Energy consumption220 W

Speed ​​43 rpm to the min.

Single phase induction motor

Fuse 250 V 5A

Weight 6.5 kg

Dimensions 286 x 176 x 445 mm

Continuous working time about 30 minutes

Supplied filters 2 - Narrow holes / wide holes

10-year warranty Engine and 2 years Components

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Hurom H-100

H100, the fifth generation of better live juice extractors in the world. From the sophisticated design, H-100 is made completely in BPA free polymers and has been enriched by a series of truly exclusive features.

- extremely facilitated
The fine-knitted filter is composed of two units that join together, once these are separated the cleaning of the filter is extremely facilitated. More time to enjoy goodness!

- Incredible 95% yield
The new squeezing apparatus has been designed to minimize the remainder of waste in the jug and at the bottom of the auger. This innovation allows you to get juice reasons up to 95%

-Renovate in design
H100 has a completely renovated design both in the aesthetic and functional part: new transparent cover, new waste ignition and output keys, new carafes for waste and for juice. The new drain output system has been equipped with a single button positionable on: ON: the waste is expelled to obtain fine extracts - close: the waste is not expelled to obtain smoothies / smoothies or more fibrous extracts.

Color: platinum, black, white

Capacity: 500 ml jug

Energy consumption: 200 W

Speed ​​43 Returns

Engine: single phase induction

Weight: 6.4 kg

Dimensions: 270 x 150 x 460 mm

Continuous work time: about 30 minutes

Supplied filters: 3 - narrow holes / wide holes / ice cream and sorbets

Warranty: 10 years Engine and 2 years the components

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