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Bing & Grøndalh Christmas Dishes 2021 – Collections of the Year

Bing & Grøndalh Christmas dishes 2021 are unique pieces to collect, the autumn collections This year they're incredible!

The company Bing & Grondalh It has a very long history of continuous changes of course but over time has allowed it to become one of the most famous companies in the world in the manufacture of collectible porcelain. Think that the primary company was founded in 1775 in Copenhagen at the behest of pharmacist Frantz Heinrich Müller. Years and years of experience and collectible dishes that year after year enchant hundreds of collectors all over the world.

Casabella Milano is the official retailer of the brand and we offer our customers the opportunity to buy Bing & Grøndalh 2021 Christmas dishes belonging to the autumn collections. All original dishes are shipped in 2/3 days from purchase in original silk-screen printed packaging with certificate of authenticity.

The Fall 2021 collection, as every year, offers us a series of collectibles among which we find for Bing & Grøndalh:

  • the Christmas Plate
  • Mother's plate

The Christmas dish - the botanical garden

The dish that the company presents us for this 2021 is called Il Giardino Botanico, it represents a beautiful winter landscape, depicting it down to the smallest details. Inside the drawing we see the Copenhagen Botanical Garden and a cute squirrel making his way on the lawn in front of Palm House eating his favorite snack. This line was made by Dag Samsund.

Mother's plate

Another piece of the collection concerns the other annual collector's item, the Mother's Plate, called Red Panda with cub. All the dishes made since the launch of this collection to date have the specific purpose of telling the miracle of motherhood in the animal world, the unconditional love for one's offspring, thus celebrating the most important person in the world. For the 2021 version it was chosen to depict the Red Panda holding her puppy near her on a branch among the tops of the trees. This dish is also made in the classic Copenhagen Blue and has the classic motif that has always distinguished it.

Both dishes are original and come in original packaging, you can choose to buy them for yourself if you are a passionate collector or choose to give them as a gift. For our collector customers we offer a special service, so we invite you to contact us to find out how to obtain your collector dishes year after year.