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Bing & Grondahl : the story

The story of a brand that has ancient roots and still conquers many collectors all over the world today : Bing & Grondahl

It all begins in the distant 1775 with the foundation of the manufacturing of Royal Copenhagen which was initially carrying the original name of Den Kongelige Porcelænsfabrik.

The company was founded by Frantz Heinrich Müller who enjoyed the protection of Queen Mother Juliana Maria of Brunswick-Lüneburg. From the outset the company distinguishes itself by creating its own brand of factory that were three overlapping ondulate lines that are representing the three narrow seafood present in Denmark.

In these years the whole of Europe was heinous and fascinated by Chinese porcelains, particular white and blue porcelains that spread during the Ming and Qing dynasty. The Danes did not have the raw materials needed to make dishes in porcelain, the company said, which was forced to create alliances with foreign territories to obtain them.

Despite this, however, it was forced to face several economic difficulties that led to it being detected by King Christian VII of Denmark by taking the name with which we know it today.

The initial porcelains carried out by the company were carried out almost entirely in cobalt blue and were very much inspired by the Chinese style, only time led the company to sharpen its reasons and create its own identity to the various products in porcelain.

In 1849, the monarchy was abolished and the free market was opened in Denmark too. The sculptor of the company Frederik Vihelm Grøndal decided to pursue on his own and found his own factory to which the brothers Meier Herman and Jacob Herman Bing both were associated merchants from Copenhagen.

The entire production focused on the realization of figures in bisquit porcelain carried out by the emerging artist of the era Bertel Thorvaldsen and it was so that on April 19 of that same year Bing & Grøndahl was born.

In the years to follow there was the privatization of the royal manufactures and thus the Royal Copenhagen also became private and was bought by the Aluminia ceramics factory and its production moved to Frederiksberg.

He wins the Grand Prix prize during the universal exhibition in Paris in 1889 thus giving them international fame by pushing to the opening of a first store outside Denmark and precisely in Paris. After a few years there was a new opening in London.

In 1895 the Bing & Grøndahl made its first dish of Christmas in porcelain with the year in relief and continued this realization year after year.

Royal Copenhagen followed the example of the previous one and in 1908 it began its own production.

Both collections came all the way up to us and, in fact, the companies launched their Christmas dish this year, which has become a collection dish that fascinates hundreds of people around the world and has won hundreds of collectors.

What makes these porcelains so special?

To make these dishes special is the particular Danish realization technique called underglaze that provides for the application of the enamel before cooking so as to avoid a second cooking of the porcelain. The technique allows you to give shades tenuous to the color that results as a painting to the watercolor. Also other details are the details that distinguish them as the embossed decorum and the light trawl. Each dish that is launched year after year is different from the previous one and it is a true unique piece.

Is there anything that distinguishes the two companies?

The two companies carry out two complementary but different collections of facts, we see how they are composed :

Royal Copenhagen each year launches its dish of the year that would then be the Christmas dish, complemented by a plaque of the year that is a smaller dish, a baby dish, Santa Claus and Christmas Tree.

Bing & Grøndahl instead throws a dish of the year that is also in this case the Christmas dish and the Mother's Piatto.


Where to buy them?

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