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Desiree 2022 HANS Christian Andersen Collection Plate

Desiree 2022 HANS Christian Andersen Collection Plate

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Desiree 2022 -The Farm Yard cock and the weather cock

The famous Christmas collector's collector of the Danish company Desiree.

Made of porcelain and painted in the famous blue color of Copenhagen, Hans Christian Andersen annually depicts the fairy tales.

The 2022 Christmas collector's collector is entitled: "The roof rooster and the gall of the chicken coop"

Taken from: fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen translation by Alda Manghi and Marcella Rinaldi Giulio Einaudi Editore

There were two roosters, one in the chicken coop and one on the roof, both very superb; But who made the most in life? Tell us your opinion, we will still keep ours.
The chicken coop was separated through a fence from another courtyard, and there was the manure where a large cucumber was growing that was convinced that he was a greenhouse plant.
"So you are born!" He said within himself "not everyone can be born cucumbers, there must also be other living species! hens, ducks and all the animals of the nearby courtyard are also creatures, the gallo of the chicken coop, which I see on the fence, of course has a whole another The importance of the roof roof, which is so high and that cannot even creak, much less sing! That has neither chickens nor chicks, thinks only of itself and sweats until it becomes greenrame! No, the Gallo del Pollaio, Yes that is a rooster! If you see him walk, he danced. If he heard him sing, that is music. When he arrives he understands what it means to be a trumpeter. If he entered here and devoured all the leaves and even the stem, If I entered his body, this would be a blessed death! " the cucumber said.
At night there was a terrible storm. The hens, chicks and even the rooster sought refuge. The fence between the two courtyards was overwhelmed by the wind with Grand Fracasso, they fell tiles from the roof but the roof rooster remained there, did not even turn around, it could not, and even if it was young and as soon as she was melted it was very expected and prudent. He was born old, he did not look like birds at all flying in the sky, sparrows and swallows that he indeed despised. "Pomenti birds, very small and ordinary!" The doves were big, shiny and shining like the mother of pearl, they looked like a kind of roof roosters, but according to him they were fat and stupid and all their thoughts were aimed at finding something to eat, and then they were boring in company. The migratory birds had visited him, telling him about foreign countries, the caravans of the air and of terrible stories of brigands with robbery birds; All this seemed to him new and interesting the first time, but later the roof rooster understood that they repeated, that it was always the same boring history! They were boring and everything was boring, nobody was of company, everyone was stupid.
"The world is worth nothing!" She said. "They are all nonsense!" The roof rooster was what is said to be a skeptical, and this would certainly have interested the cucumber, if he had known. But that looked only at the Gallo del Pollaio, who had now entered his courtyard.
The fence had been demolished by the wind, but now the flashes and thunder had passed.
"What do you say about that singing of Gallo?" He asked the gallo del chiclaio with his hens and chicks. "It was rough, it was missing of elegance!"
The hens and chicks entered the manure, the rooster followed them with a knight.
"Vegetable!" He said to the cucumber, and in that word the cucumber felt all the extraordinary culture of the rooster and forgot that he was catching and devouring him.
"Blessed death!" I think.
Then the hens and chicks came, and when one ran, the others also ran, then they closed and piglated and looked at the rooster and were proud of him, because it belonged to their race.
"Cockadoodledo!" He sang him. "The chicks immediately turn into large hens, when I sing in the great chicken coop of the world."
The hens and chicks closed and piglane behind him.
The rooster announced a big news.
“A rooster can lay an egg. And do you know what's in that egg? There is a basilisk: nobody can endure the sight. Men already know it and now you know it too, you know what lives in me. You know that I am the rooster of all the chicken coop! "
The Gallo del Pollaio slammed the wings, raised the ridge and sang again; And all the hens and chicks shivered, but they were also terribly proud of the fact that one of them was the rooster of all the chicken coops! They pigched and chose so that even the roof rooster should hear, and in fact he heard, but did nothing.
"They are all nonsense!" He said to the roof rooster. "The Gallo del Pollaio cannot lay the eggs, and I don't want to do it. If I wanted, I could make an air egg! But the world is not worthy of an air egg! They are all nonsense! Not even wanting to stay here! "
And in fact he broke up, but did not kill the Gallo del Pollaio, "although he had tried to do it," the hens commented, and what does morale say?
"It is much better to sing, than to be skeptical and break."
Taken from: fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen translation by Alda Manghi and Marcella Rinaldi Giulio Einaudi Editore


Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish writer and poet, very famous especially for his fairy tales, among which we remember, among the most famous, the princess on the pea, the little mermaid, the watertight soldier, the ugly anatroccolo and the small match. In the buckwheat wheat, an inspiration to the typical life of the agricultural world in Odense, his hometown, is glimpsed.

A wonderful decoration, designed and created with skill, a single special object to be given to celebrate a date or collecting.

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