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Royal Copenhagen dishes 2021

Even this year Royal Copenhagen presents us his collection of plates 2021, Iconistic and beautiful as never before, you must immediately buy them!

Royal Copenhagen is a company with ancient roots, it was born in the 1775 in Copenhagen. It is a porcelain manufacture company that has been distinguished over the years, it was the first ever to bring the direct realization of porcelain dishes into its nation, in fact the dishes were already ready and from foreign companies before you . It was also the first to experiment with different processing techniques that allowed them to distinguish oneself from its competitors, for example its classic coloring in Copenhagen Blue owes it to a particular technique that plans to pass the enamel before cooking, thus making a 'necessary a' The only cooking for a plate and creating a nuance of particular blue that makes it appear as if the dishes were made with watercolors.

Another reason for which it is distinguished is for its annual collections that have been on the market for decades and that passionate hundreds of collectors around the world. Among the iconic pieces that we can buy every year we find the Christmas plate and the plate, but there are also other elements such as bells and other decorations that fall within the collector's pieces.

Casabella Milano is the official Rental of the Royal Copenhagen in Italy, so if you are a passionate or a collector you can choose to entrust you to us for the purchase of these collectible dishes. What we guarantee is to be able to find not only the dishes Royal Copenhagen dishes 2021 But also to be able to find a reliable and serious company to rely on, fast shipments (each product will be from you in 2/3 working days), secure payments and the security of buying original products. Each dish is in fact supplied with a screen-printed original packaging and the certificate of authenticity will be given. We have always reserve the best to our customers that's why we have chosen to offer a special service for our collectors customers, find out immediately by contacting us by phone or through whatsapp. Meanwhile, however, we go to discover this year's collection.

The dishes of the 2021 collection of the Royal Copenhagen 2021: Christmas dish - winter in the garden

This year the company presents us the Christmas dish called winter in the garden and depicts a classic north winter landscape. We can in fact notice some typical details of these areas, but something more surprising are the attention to the details with which each element has been realized. We note that on a branch among the birches of this garden there is a wren looking at the bird table ready to enjoy his next meal. But he doesn't care about his next meal but rather he is used to sharing forest friends with his birds and of him, a great way of showing important values ​​such as sharing and altruism. The dish is made in the classic blue of Copenhagen and the survey of the reason is created following the ancient artisan traditions and strictly by hand.

The platform of the year 2021- Feed the birds

The other collection piece that comes this year, as every year is the plaque. This year the plaque title is feeding birds and depicts two children in winter clothes intent on feeding the birds of the area. Also in this case there is a wonderful gesture of altruism this time entering the world of childhood. The plate is only 8 centimeters this allows us to store it even in smaller spaces. In addition to being a collectible piece it is also a great gift idea that is why it is supplied in a nice gift box in which you can also add a personal note.

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