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Royal Copenhagen Christmas dishes

THE Christmas dishes of the annual Royal Copenhagen collection They reconfirm, like every year, unique pieces to buy.

Casabella Milano is the official retailer of the Royal Copenhagen porcelain Present in the Italian territory. This brand that has ancient roots, was born in 1775, has been launching annual Christmas plates of Christmas dishes that fascinate hundreds of people around the world.

At our store you have the opportunity to always find the Royal Copenhagen Christmas dishesPackaged in original screen-printed packaging with certificate of authenticity. We have an exclusive service for collectors, if you are interested, I invite you to contact us directly through our official channels, we offer all our customers quality, professionalism and purchase guarantee. All products purchased are shipped within 2/3 working days.

Who is Royal Copenhagen?

This brand is a porcelain factory born in 1775 with a very particular and intriguing story. It was the first porcelain company in Copenhagen not to import porcelain products but to procure the raw materials needed to make original products. To distinguish it from all other companies there are several factors, in particular the technique of construction of each dish that sees the passage of the enamel before cooking, then creates a particular blue color and a final watercolor effect. This is why the company's classic blue dish is called Copenhagen's blue. The other peculiarity is the realization of the raised motifs carved by the various artisans of the factory.

Christmas dishes

From 1908 to today the Royal Copenhagen created a collector's annual line that includes a Christmas plate and a platter. Every year these two elements depict a different story, a message, a value to be passing through time. The attention to the realization of the product, the suggestive design and attention to detail are the strong points of the collections that year after year they won hundreds of collectors worldwide.

The Christmas dish is the main piece of the collection, it is a plate from the diameter of 18 centimeters that tells us a story. This year the dish is called Winter in The Garden, in Italian winter in the garden, and tells the classic panorama of the Northern countries during the winter period. But he also tells the story of Scrolaciolo who is waiting to be able to eat his next meal he loves to share with bird friends and forest friends. An important message of sharing and friendship to be transmitted by generation after generation.

Next to this main one we find the plaque of the year, a saucer of 8 centimeters designed to be collected but also given. In fact, those who buy it will receive it together with a gift box where you can also write a personalized wish. Also in this case there is a story of two children who in winter they devote time to feed the birds given the lack of food during the cold seasons of Denmark. Here too the message is important because it clarifies us the importance of sharing and to take care of those in difficulty.

If you are a fan of the christmas object collections you will not be able to help you. Visit the entire selection by discovering not only the products this year but also those of the past years.

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